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Hi, I’m Steve.

I’ve coached hundreds of startup entrepreneurs over the past two decades and helped them start and grow everything from side gigs to venture-backed companies.

Before that I did “pure” innovation consulting that helped companies facing change to invent breakthrough next generation products and services.

I write about practical techniques that use you use to be successful with your innovation and entrepreneurship. You are already out there building a better tomorrow. I want to help. Beyond what you read here, I am publishing a series of “Be Your Own …” ebooks, starting with Be Your Own Startup Coach - available now at stevefranksinnovation.com.

I often work with young entrepreneurs. While most of my posts apply to everyone, sometimes I like to write specifically for youth. After all, they are who truly will build a better tomorrow.

To keep it fun, I will regularly add posts about my favorite local art pieces (I’m in Fort Wayne, Indiana and collect local art). Great art makes tomorrow better, too, you know!

And, to keep you thinking, I will regularly include posts about being present. A little philosophy never hurts.

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Steve Franks

Innovation and entrepreneur coach, helping startup founders - and especially young entrepreneurs - build a better tomorrow.